Same-Day Dentistry with E4D Dentist®

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology have been revolutionizing many industries, including dentistry. Remember when it used to take two separate appointments to get a dental crown? Even just a few years ago, patients had to endure mouthfuls of messy impression materials and wearing temporaries for weeks at a time. Now, with our system, it is all a thing of the past!

Drs. Lenz, Sullivan, Gough and Abrahamian can now complete beautiful restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in-office, in only one day.

Benefits of Computer-aided restorations for our patients:

  • Safe and simple procedure
  • Same-day crowns possible
  • Advanced laser technology provides absolute precision
  • No need for temporary restorations
  • No unpleasant or messy impressions

Our CAD/CAM system allows Drs. Lenz, Sullivan, Gough or Abrahamian to replace conventional impression methods with a clean, fast digital scan that is obtained in just a few minutes through a series of scanned digital images taken in the mouth. Combining this scanned data with our advanced software from Exocad, we’re able to design a custom, permanent restoration. Our  VHF Z4 milling unit then fabricates your restorative design quickly and conveniently, right in our dental office.  

Your final result is a natural-looking restoration of superior strength that perfectly matches the surrounding teeth, making your crown, veneer, or filling virtually undetectable. The elimination of impressions, temporaries, and second appointments enhance the entire dental experience for our patients.